My Patterns are also your patterns

Do you know the weird feeling of wanting to do it quite differently from your parents

and suddenly did yourself reacting in exactly the same way at certain moments?

Without wanting it? It just happens! Do you know someone who constantly makes

the same mistake again and again? Have you asked yourself why this person makes

the same mistake although the results are always unwanted? And what about you?

Do you have a certain behavior you know you should Change but every time when you come into the special situation …<<BOOOM>> you do it the same way over and over again as if you would never ever have had any other choice? During this Workshop you will be guides through the jungle of inherited patterns, even sabotages, how these have been transferred to you by your parents and how they are transferred from you to your children. “It’s about making it tangible how obstructive patterns are transmitted and what they do, how they can be tracked down and changed and what opportunities there are for supporting one’s own children to have a free choice”.




Martin Altherr, Selbst-Transformations Experte -


Ettingen, Mehrzweckraum Trakt 4, Schulhaus Hintere Matten


Donnerstagabend, 30. August 2018

Zeit 19.00-20.30 Uhr



Fr. 53.- pro Person / 73.- pro Paar / Mitglieder

Fr. 63.- pro Person / 83.- pro Paar / Nichtmitglieder


Monika Andermatt, Tel. 076 779 57 93,

Anmeldung       bis 20. August 2018